Are you looking for a wedding planner who can complete the job for you? Do you know that there are several designated wedding planners who perform characteristic duties? A Toronto wedding planning company can send someone who deal with logistics exclusively or organizing or planning or someone who can take care of the wedding from tip to toe. It depends on the preference of the client and how he or she looks to manage the wedding in co-ordination with the wedding planner. Before making a decision it would be nice to know about the different types of wedding planners a wedding planning company can provide for the client.

  1. Full service wedding planner

The name itself suggests that these wedding planners can deal with anything when it comes to organizing a wedding. They will be present from the moment one plans for the wedding and stay till the very end to ensure the wedding event is a complete success. No doubt they are very professional, experienced and precise with their duty. They are very rare to find and one can find such wedding planners from, an experienced wedding planner company. The type of services a full service wedding planner would include [but not exclusive to] keeping in touch with the clients & the contacts, organizing events, looking after clients during vendor visits, assisting the guests while providing accommodation, etc. A full service wedding planner Toronto is appropriate for those looking to get most out of the planner and save their time. It is ideal for clients who are looking for a grand wedding event.

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  1. Day-of wedding planner or co-ordinator

This wedding planner can be called as an overseer of arrangements giving suitable advice to the clients and providing help occasionally. The day-of wedding co-ordinator hired through a Toronto wedding planning company will make sure that everything is going according to the plan. He or she will be involved with the process 4-6 weeks prior to the wedding event. The planner will inspect the sites of wedding ceremony, reception, takes care of logistics, rehearsals, vendor contracts, etc. If needed the planner will be present at the wedding to take care of the important things and supervise the plans as discussed with the client.

  1. Referrals-only wedding planner

These wedding planners are limited to providing few services that are of utmost importance to the client. Referrals-only planner will extensive knowledge on the industry and would know where to find things for the right price and with highest quality. Such wedding planner Toronto is the best to look after a specific aspect in organizing and ease off the pressure from the client.

  1. Designer of events

Event designer is also popular as wedding designer or wedding architect and his or her main role is to take care of the logistics and organize the event. They will take care of the fashion, decoration, graphic design, theme settings, interior design, etc. The main role of a wedding designer is to ensure everything is in accordance with the theme or style set to the wedding event.

As you can see the different types of wedding planners take care of different things and have different budgets. So, know about each one of them by contacting a Toronto wedding planning company and asking every detail possible. The planning companies will help in assisting the client to find the right wedding planner based on the budget, interest and requirement.