Planning a date night can be pretty challenging. You want everything to be perfect and you have your finger crossed that nothing really falls apart. You are also looking for something fun to do and you want the date to end on a very romantic point too. There are a lot of options that can one can opt for when it comes to planning a date night with their other half. But you obviously want to make sure that you make the perfect pick. This is where the Inland Empire becomes your savior and offers you a lot of fun and romantic things to do. Here we have rounded up some of the most romantic and fun ideas and activities that you can do within the Inland Empire and make your date night just perfectos.

How to get a Perfect Date Night in Inland Empire?

The Inland Empire has no certain boundaries but you need to be in California, Riverside County to get all that it promises to offer to you. If you are in search of some GLO mini golf, then Inland Empire is your best bet for sure. We have rounded up the different places, where you can go with your partner and make them feel special, loved and pampered by you.

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  1. Get a Massage:

Some people don’t really admire massages but if you and your other half are usually very busy, then this is definitely something that you both need to get. Glen Ivy Hot Springs is the best place to visit in Inland Empire if you are looking for a greatly relaxing massage; nothing beats their service. And there is nothing more pampering then a royal massage with your loved one, isn’t it?

The Glen Ivy Hot Springs have 15 mineral baths, different skincare treatment options, various massage types and services and much more than bring a complete relaxing package for you.

This beautiful massage center is beneath the Santa Ana Mountains and it brings some of the most beautiful and eye captivating views along too. Along with breathtaking views and relaxing treatments, you also get a divine cuisine; so you know, you can have a perfect date night right here. But if you are planning a complete day, then you can head out for more fun too.


  1. Hot Air Balloon Ride:

If you are looking for fun things to do in Riverside CA, then don’t skip the Hot Air Balloon Ride. What can be more exciting than being in the air, with the one you love? If you have never tried a hot air balloon ride before, then this is your chance to do so. Go a little before sunset and view it whilst you are in the air and maybe propose your love right there, in between the clouds?

A hot air balloon ride allows you to see the world from a completely different perspective and you are going to love it while your lady love or the man of your life is beside you; there is not better feeling than that. Plus, it is the most romantic thing one can experience. Also, they are not that heavy on the wallet either so you can get your hands on the tickets as soon as you are in California. Don’t miss out on this ride as it will be a ride to remember for your date!

  1. Have a Romantic Meal:

After a massage and hot air balloon ride, you and your date would be starving for sure. This is where you need to pick the best place and plan a very romantic meal. The Vineyard Rose is one of the best and most romantic places to take your date for a dinner. The restaurant is breathtakingly beautiful and is extremely expansive too. There is indoor and outdoor sitting arrangement as well. You can sit outdoors on the terrace as there is nothing more romantic than a starry night with your love besides you.

You can start off the dinner data before the sunset and try the wine tastings first and then head over to the Vineyard Rose for a perfect dinner. The menu there is amazing and delicious and you won’t regret investing in it either. The cuisine is a perfectly “California” styled one and you will love the meal that will be put forth for you.

  1. Try Wine Tasting:

California is famous for wine and you must try this out with your partner.Grapeline Wine Tours promise to take you to the best wine tasting tour ever. They have been raved with positive reviews and offer the best and most terrific service that you can ever get your hands on. You can take a private tour with your date as you want it to be romantic but if you are starting off your day and you have other plans too, then you can also opt for the public tour. Private wine tasting has an itinerary that is created just for you and your date and they make sure that everything is done as you require. You will just sit back and enjoy and I guess that is what makes a date the perfect one. The hosts of this service are wine freaks and they will tell you everything that you need to know about wines of California. So be geared up to grab on some pretty cool information about wines as well.

Date night with your love needs to be planned with care and perfection and Inland Empire offers you a variety of things that you can opt for, to make the date night stand out. There are a lot of other options that you can look into. If you and your partner love gaming, then there is a famous and ultimate game room in CA too. You can also try out the VRcafé. The options in Inland Empire and endless; you just need to make a wise decision and pick what suits you and your date the best.