News is something that one cannot avoid today. It is the different news channels that let the world know about the latest happenings throughout the globe. For example, consider about the natural disasters like the tsunami that hit India, or earthquakes, the terrorist attacks, etc., the world came to know about them within minutes of the incidents. The news was spread across the globe. The biggest example is that of the rescue of thirteen people trapped inside the Thai cave. Through the news the world came to know about them and divers from all around came forward to help. And along with the help, support and a well-planned strategy, all thirteen lives were saved. One such popular news channel is Fox news. The Fox News live stream facility allows people to keep themselves updated regarding the latest happenings all over the world.

About Fox News

Owned by the Fox Entertainment Group, Fox News channel or as simply abbreviated to FNC, is an American basic cable and satellite TV news channel. It was launched on October 7, 1996. Primarily, the channel broadcasts from it’s studios in the New York City, and it has been provided in 86 major countries all around the world. Launched in 1996 to over 17 million cable subscribers, Fox News now has grown to become one of the most viewed and most preferred news channels in the world.

Seeing the increasing demand for the latest news and the growth in technology, Fox News started up its online version at As we all know, people are on very busy nowadays and they would be extremely happy if news was brought to their fingertips. Through the online version, Fox News has enabled the Fox News live stream facility which displays the latest happenings all around the world. Thus, a user can easily and most importantly, be updated regarding the latest news swiftly.

One of the slogans of Fox News is: “Real News. Real Honest Opinion”. And so for many time, telling the truth without looking at the face has led to Fox News entering many controversies. But they are all a part of the game. Their success lies in taking control of the situation; taking the upper hand when and sorting all of those controversies. This should be one of the reasons why Fox News is still one among the best news channels the world have even seen.

There are several news channels online. But if you feel the right choice for you when it comes to knowing the latest news is Fox News, then simply enter the keyword in Google. Go to the website and browse through it.