Music instruments have a way with human beings. It has always been the most loved hobby of people to play instruments like the piano. Those people who know how to play the piano are liked by everyone and are praised everywhere. If you don’t know how to play it, don’t worry, there are many online websites which teach you how to play the piano in very easy steps. You just have to own a piano where you can practice the songs you like and own the stage. There are many songs which you might love to play on the piano. If given proper concern and focus, it is very easy to learn and, in this way, you will become the star of the show.

Play the most popular songs

There are many songs which are rather famous and every piano lover would love to play it. One such song is ‘When I was your man’ by Bruno Mars. It is a fantasy song among teenagers and people go crazy over this melodious song. Learning how to play the instrumental version of this song is verypopular and you can learn it easily even if you don’t know the basics.

When I was your man

It is simple and fun!

Learning to play this song can be very beneficial and you can play it in front of your friends or the one you love. It is a very friendly online lesson and you can actually learn how to play it in a short time. The learners are provided the right way through which they can learn it easily. You can become the star of the party and others will definitely love you for your amazing performance. It mainly targets those piano lovers who want to play it for their own enjoyment. It focuses on basic techniques and rules which let you play the notes right. The lessons are based on the streamline method in which you don’t have to look into the note sheet and mug up the theory.

Best song choice for beginners

The song ‘When I was your man’ is very popular and indeed one of the best songs to start with. There are many things which make it a great choice. For beginners, it is rather easy because it can be played only in the key C and you only have to work with the white keys. The chords which you have to learn to play this song are very easy too. It is also easy to master all the seven notes really easily if you learn this song. So, if you are a music lover and want to learn to play the piano, thisis the best song to start with. You can check out more by visiting this site