The most simple and effective ways to learn the art of tarot card reading are to start practicing the reading and analysing the cards by yourself and testing it multiple times with your own self. If one feels in order to learn to read tarot cards you must memorize or just understand the stock meaning and face meaning of the cards then they will not get very far in this field of art. Using one’s own emotion and reactions to that energies is the key to understanding the deeper connection to the card reading.

Tarot Card Reading

learn to read tarot

Online courses and learning guides on every aspect of tarot card reading are available on the internet and all you have to do is to get one of the course and complete them to understand the face value of card reading first. Then comes the real training and understanding is when you apply the given knowledge and take it to another level by using your own self in the interpretation process. We must all, when reading tarot cards use the other side of our inner beings and sort of transcend into another realm to channel that future sight. It is not something that can be taught and quantified but rather something that has to be felt and practiced. This process of channelling and coursing of your intuition, energies, and emotions into something that is merely cards is what tarot card learning is all about.

It is best to start with something simple to tarot card reading. Get your own tarot deck at first you will be drawn to certain cards and certain emotions that arise from it. This is completely normal and natural. In order for it to manifest properly. You must channel your emotions and energies with deep intention and listen to your intuition with ardent practice.


All in all the art of reading and to learn to read tarot cards is something that has to be felt and understood from deep within and that cannot be taught or understood at first. It is very subjective to a point where your intuition and emotions will guide you.