Dynamic Media Bringing Custom Radio Channels Mixed with Audio Ads to Animal Hospitals and Veterinary Services

May 31, 2012 – Detroit, Michigan – The in-store marketing world is changing, and Dynamic Media http://www.dynamicmedia-us.com, North America’s leading provider of experiential in-store marketing is leading the charge with custom radio channels mixed with audio ads. Today, Dynamic Media announced it has designed custom music and audio ad content specifically for Animal Hospitals and Veterinary Services to target guests in the clinic and on the phone. Dynamic Media will professionally program music and custom-produce marketing messages, delivering the commercials throughout the day to create a comfortable atmosphere for guests.

“As we spoke with our current clients, we began to see a trend in referrals for animal hospitals and veterinary services,” said Dr. Ryan Santangelo, President of Dynamic Media. “We researched the industry, built a program specifically for animal hospitals and are thrilled to provide clinics with a way to communicate fresh, relevant and important information to every pet owner while they are in the clinic and at the same time make it relaxing for them and the family pet.”

In addition to the Dynamic Media programming experience, animal hospitals will receive a number of additional benefits through the service such as effective marketing messages via Dynamic Media research department. Dynamic Media research studies have shown that Dynamic Media programming and audio ads deliver significant increases in pet health purchases like micro chipping and regular vaccinations.

Dynamic Media can be heard throughout the country at leading retailers, automobile dealerships, hotels and restaurants like PF Changs. Dynamic Media’s content partners in the music space include XM/SIRIUS, PlayNetwork as well as its original messaging platform “Your Message”.

About Dynamic Media
Dynamic Media is North America’s leading provider experiential in-store marketing. Founded nearly 10 years ago in Detroit and originally providing custom music for business through satellite, now businesses can purchase technology that plays licensed music in the store, the music fades down to play message and then the music comes back on. Businesses with Dynamic Media services are patronized by customers that interact with the invisible easy-to-use and economical point-of-purchase marketing solutions that create engaging experiences that boost revenue, drive repeat business and build brand loyalty.

Annually, Dynamic Media plays 1.2 billion songs and generates millions of custom marketing messages. Dynamic Media is a privately held Michigan company servicing all major and local markets through the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico as well as international markets. Dynamic Media can be reached through their site, http://www.dynamicmedia-us.com, or toll free through 800-684-7050.

PR Contact:
Ryan Torresan
Dynamic Media

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