If you want to discover Northern Ireland, you should not miss a chance to visit the Odyssey Cinema. Here, you are surely gonna have the best cinema experience that you can’t help but compare to you previous cinema viewing. Odyssey Cinema at Belfast uses the best technology with their biggest screens. It is also located at the best spot in Belfast.

            You can catch the latest movie releases at Odyssey. It is the perfect add-on to your day at the Odyssey Complex. The cinema complex is the largest in Northern Ireland. It has 12 screens, that has surely captured the attention of all moviegoers, not to mention the best Odyssey Cinema VX-9 Reviews.

The Odyssey Pavilion

            The Odyssey Pavilion is where you can find the Odyssey Cinema. Aside from this, you can also enjoy some of the best features. It contains Bars like the Rockies Sports Bar and Chic Shred Bar. if you want to grab a bite, you can also visit Soda Joes, Pizza Hut, The Streat, as well as Red Panda. At the Odyssey Pavilion, you can also find the Box Nightclub and the Odyssey Bowl if you want to play a bowling game.

The Odyssey Cinema – VIP Screening

            One of the best features of the Odyssey Cinema is its VIP screenings. Some people go out of their way just to enjoy the experience. The VIP costs around £15 per person. With the VIP, you get free refills on hot drinks which includes tea, coffee, and the best hot chocolate with marshmallow. You will also get a small soft drink and a small bag of sweet or salted popcorn which can be upgraded to £1.50.

            Aside from all of that mention above, the most amazing part is you get to sit on the huge leather recliners and have an access to the Director’s lounge. This is a private seated waiting area. Going VIP with Odyssey Cinema is not a hard decision to make for most moviegoers. So if you want to get the most out of your cinema experience, going VIP is a no-brainer.

What Others Think About Odyssey Cinema

            It is not a question why Odyssey cinema is one of the best when it comes to the cinema experience. Let’s see what others think about it.

“…The VIP screens are brilliant – you get large, soft, reclining chairs and plenty of space around you…” – Emma B., Belfast, United Kingdom

“…I would suggest trying VIP at the Odyssey, well worth the extra few quid and when you pull that lever out and your chair/throne reclines you’ll feel like you’ve hit the big time…” –  Peter G., Belfast

Odyssey Cinema, formerly called the Storm Cinema, has 12 screen multiplex where you can enjoy a blockbuster movie with your family and friends. This massive cinema has received a lot of positive reviews and feedbacks from its customers since the time that it opened and made available to the public. So what are you waiting for? Book a ticket and don’t miss out on a chance to experience what others thought was their best cinema experience.