Play is a part and parcel of every child’s growing years. And it is a given fact that most of the play in our life is during the schooldays. Although everyone associate playground to just physical activity that is not the only benefit a child gets there. The child experiences and develops a lot of skill by interacting and playing different games. It’s not wrong to assume that the day to day behaviour of the child is influenced by his behaviour and the way he handles situations during games. A preschool is a collection of many a material components and gadgets within a stipulated place. What makes a preschool different from home is the associate playground equipment. And that is but naturally attributed to the presence to playground equipment – your dear darling little ones playing in the forefront! The preschool playground equipment is where all the play starts and that’s where the children start developing certain characteristics they carry on throughout their life.


The benefits of playground equipment

Playgrounds are essential for developing the child’s cognitive, physical, emotional and social development. Playground equipment makes even the laziest child to move around and have fun. This results in children being more active and fit. Kids who are accustomed to just going to school, eating and sleeping tend to put on weight and become obese. Most of the equipment’s in the grounds help stretch and increase the strength of each individual muscle and joint which gives them a healthy dose of exercise.

At the same time they learn perseverance and determination to not give up easily and to try anything a number of times. When play starts at a very young age they do not get into the social stigmas associated with insecurities and false pretences.

Then there is the social benefits of the playgrounds i.e. they get to mingle with similar age group children. By this children learn patience when they are waiting for their turn, they take initiatives and become aware of how to talk with peers and come to mutually beneficial conclusions. And they learn to mingle with everyone without discriminating based on class or caste or race. This helps in developing them into individuals who do not discriminate and develops friendly and neighbourliness feeling.

Having preschool playground equipment allows children to develop their motor skills, coordination and also language and much more. They get the chance to start learning various things at an early age and they are entertained with it as well. Now a day all parents are more interested in nurseries and playgroups that have well equipped playgrounds and even when it comes to primary and secondary schools they feel that a playground is a must.

There are people for whom having or not having a playground at school for their child makes or breaks the decision to join them. In fact what makes this activity of setting up a preschool is the sheer variety and the thrill of the most vibrant of the corner for little kids.