Who doesn’t love to go to nightclubs especially for a bachelorette and have fun and entertaining night; giving your best friend some attention from good looking and professional strippers? We, all wish for it, especially if you are living in Nashville, where websites like Music City Male Stripers provides you with the best one to choose. But we often find ourselves muddled up between a male stripper and male revue.

What is a male stripper?

Male stripper is mainly an individual or even a group of people (depends on you, how many performers you wish to have) and performs at your home or hotel, where ever you choose for the individual performance. Their main focus is to entertain people and mainly you privately. They are not bound by any laws stating how close they should get or how much do they need to cover themselves.

What is a male revue?

In simple words, a male revue is a group of three or more than that people commonly, who perform together on stage at the start and then move onto individual performances and if they get an extra tip or bait from anyone in the party, will then move on privately for such patrons. Many times, a male revue strips down to nudity.

sometimes a male revue isn’t the best option

However, sometimes a male revue isn’t the best option. The main reasons that account for this are:

  1. You get to choose from actual and real professional photos posted
  2. Fun and entertainment for each and every one at the party
  3. Male strippers do not make a dent in your pockets and thus are less expensive as compared to a male revue
  4. Everything happens at your schedule and not at the schedule of the stripper
  5. Everything is private thereby making it more of a personal experience rather than making it a little awkward for everyone
  6. The performance is in your hands. It is tailored according to your wishes and not someone else’s
  7. The best thing about choosing a male stripper over a  male revue is that everything takes place according to your comforts which includes the comforts at your hotel room or home
  8. Some people wish to have full nudity and there is nothing to shy away from especially when it’s your own bachelorette. This is possible only in case of male strippers.

So, with so many advantages and pros of a male stripper, there’s nothing to shy away from and make your bachelorette more fun and entertaining.