Summer has a lot of activities which are filled with fun. Enjoy your holidays in a different way this summer.

Summer camps in Delhi offers you varieties of interests which one can take into consideration.

Summer acting workshop by Shri Ram Centre: This will be held on 1st April at 4 PM in the evening. The venue for this workshop is at Preet Manch which is located at Noida. This is a free workshop for everyone. If you want to learn and improve the acting skills that you have then this is the perfect one for you. Take time out from your hectic schedules and enrol yourself for a six week acting workshop which will be held at Noida. Here one has to register their seats as they are available in limited numbers only. This workshop inclines to be an overall improvement on how in can brush up their acting skills along with personality development, speech clarity, body language and personal grooming. In fact, one can get a chance in theatre and other productions if they show a remarkable development.

Photography Challenge: the time in which this will take place is from 28th April at 10 AM and will go on till 30th April at 7 PM. One has to register themselves by paying an amount of Rs 572.  This will happen in a place called Indira Gandhi Arena. Photography is a form of art and one captures a frame and a moment through lens to make them freeze forever. This is a photography challenge where the participants have to capture a frame of any activity or incident. Once these frames are submitted, they will be shortlisted according to the merit by the experts. The best ten captures will get prize money for their try. Of course the other participants will also get a certificate of participation. Those who are taking part in this challenge will be provided an online platform, where they can upload maximum three pictures and then describe them in minimum 100 words. Those who will get maximum likes will be declared as the winners.

summer camps

Summer Camp 2017: this is organised by the Tansen Sangeet Mahavidyalaya of South Delhi and is on 15th May. This will be held every five days a week and will go on till 30th June. Each day the workshop will start at 10.15 AM and will end at 1.30 PM with a fifteen minutes break for light refreshments. Here the classes will be taken by the experienced teachers only. Ere the students can also take part in some fun things like Puppet show, Magic show, musical and dance performances. For this, one has to pay an amount of Rs 1500 every week and a student has to enrol at least for 3 or 5 weeks.

World Robotics Championship: This has been arranged on 28th April at 6 AM in the Indira Gandhi Indoor stadium. This is a craft challenge where one has to kea and designs a wireless and remote controlled miniature aircraft.

Go ahead and have fun this summer.