¬†Are you looking for a great movie that will entertain you from the beginning to the end? Below are Tollywood top movies on Yuppflix. Watch any of these Telugu movies online, and you’ll surely be entertained.

  1. Abhinetri 2017 Telugu movie If you love thriller movies, you will love Abhinetri2017. This is a thriller movie about a young man in search of the perfect woman to wed. The young man’s grandmother is on her deathbed and his father desperately wants him to get married. They, therefore, find him a young girl from the village to marry. The young man tries to leave the girl but with no success. Later, he discovers things about her that are unimaginable and frightening but it is these things that make him ultimately fall in love with her.Tollywood Top Movies to watch online On Yuppflix
  2. Shiva-Ganga- This movie is about Shiva and Ganga. The two fall in love and have the intention of getting married after getting their parents’ consent. However, their love story comes to a tragic end when Godhra Seth who loaned Shiva’s father some money kills shiva, his family and his love Ganga. The couple becomes ghosts and tries to seek vengeance. It’s interesting to see how the story unfolds and the challenges the couple faces in pursuit of vengeance.

3.Brahmotsavam is a story about a man who tries to consolidate his position in his family. To do so, he tries to find a suitable husband for his daughter. However, the young man he has in mind is already in love with another girl. It is very interesting to see what lengths a parent will go to get the best for their child. This movie is great if you love drama movies.

  1. Supreme is a great action movie. This is a movie about a taxi driver who is busy doing his everyday job when he comes across a child the mob wants dead. In his intention to keep the child safe, he gets involved in a fight against the mafia. This movie will definitely keep you at the edge of your seat from start to finish.
  2. A-AaThis is a story about how two people have to fight the odds to be together. The couple comes from two different worlds. The man is from a middle-class family and the girl is from a very wealthy family. If you love romance movies you will love A-Aa, it really takes you on a journey of love, sacrifice, and hope.