Pune is a booming city located in Maharashtra state, India.  It is the next top city in the state after Mumbai. The city of Mumbai is regarded as financial capital while Pune as cultural capital. Pune is also called Oxford of the East, thanks to the profusion of educational institutes here.

 Pune used to be the center of Peshwa and Maratha rule in ancient times. Today it is an emerging hub for the IT industry. Thus it is a confluence of historic and modern elements. Events in Pune reflect this mix.

Here are a few popular activities to do in the city of Pune:

  • Visit Kayani bakery:

This bakery is always full with people clamoring for freshly baked biscuits and breads. The star attraction of the bakery is its famous Shrewsbury- a delicious biscuit full of butter. Every day the shop bakes 200 kg of these biscuits which is usually sold out.

  • Manney’s book store

This quaint book store is over 60 year old and began as a store for English literature. It has catered to many generations of Puneites. All books are handpicked by Manik V Mani, the owner. He is usually around to recommend titles and their authors.


  • Swig

This is the best place to sample some original music. On Songwriters Wednesdays, both amateur and established artists render their own compositions. The place was begun to showcase emerging talent of artists. There is no fixed theme: bands peform anything from underground Urdu and Hindi songs to rock and experimental music. Some servings of cocktails add to the enjoyable atmosphere.

  • Osho Ashram and Koregaon park

KP as it is known is full of foreign nationals, most of who are drawn to the Osho Ashram. This Ashram was founded by the charismatic Rajneesh Jain or Osho. It is a center of yoga and meditation. A souvenir of this place is the ‘Osho chappal’- super cheap, mat based flip flops of various colors.

  • Shanirwada palace

This fort belonging to the Maratha dynasty is located at the center of the city. Covering over 6 acres in the heart of the city, it was built in 1732 to be the center of the Peshwa rulers of the state. Architecture reflects a mix of both Mughal and Maratha styles. The old palace has a massive door that is 21 feet tall called as Delhi Darwaza.

  • Aga Khan palace

The former palace of Sultan Mohammed Shah, it is a museum of household items used by our Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi, who was jailed here between 1942 and 1944. It is popularly referred to as Gandhi memorial and this sprawling structure holds the ashes of Kasturba Gandhi, wife of the Mahatma.

  • Heritage walks

The best way to explore the region, these walks take you through the by-lanes of the city. You can choose among three themes of the walk-colonial, medieval or ancient. Walk through the ancient Pataleshwar caves or the crumbling temples of Kasba Peth, belonging to the medieval period. These walks are currently organized only on weekends.

  • Della adventure

Those with adventure in their blood can enjoy activities like speeding in All Terrain vehicles on mud tracks and Zorbing. Situated just less than 2 hours from the city, Della adventure is one among the biggest adventure parks in the country here you can select from over 80 activities.

These are some must do activities and events in Pune city.