After all these years, the friends of Batman and DC remain one of the most popular properties for Warner Brothers. In 2018, Mattel works with Warner Brothers to make the line even more popular. Warner Brothers has worked the life of the Batman series for almost 10 years, and this year they will continue with a long tradition. In the past two years, Christopher Nolan Batman’s trilogy has contributed to different ideas in the toy lineup. In 2018, television, animation, film and video games will continue to lead the line. 

Batman is a property that will always be popular with children

There is something in Batman with which children will always be identified. In 2018, Mattel has a series of new toys that plan to use the Batman license. Some of the biggest characters of Batman will appear in the new toy line. There is the figure of Batman’s 10-inch shock. This is the biggest figure in this line. For a large figure, he has a significant amount of articulation. It comes with a fang attachment. This reminds us of the weapons that Batman used in Arkhem asylum. Free Batman with weapons, and he is ready to destroy any evil villain. In addition to Batman, we will see other characters on the line. These figures would not be complete without some of the most iconic Batman cars, such as Bat Jet and Batmobile.

For fans of the legendary Batman’s comics, there are many graphic novels and books by the Special Edition of Batman available for viewing and collecting, and for fans of animated character incarnations there are some great Batman figures available. For fans who prefer films such as The Dark Knight’s recent blockbuster, there are also figurines, but there are statues and all kinds of top-quality collectibles to fill the Batcave of all fans.

What about the Batman Lego toys?

For a Batman fan who already has all the DVDs, etc. There are some great games and kits available for everyone. Similarly, what about the video game Batman Lego? The options are endless. Unfortunately, some of the most sought-after toys and collectibles are no longer produced, the prices of these items can become extremely high, but there are still a lot of toys, games and other things, based on the Batman character each budget.

These are not just big kids who get new Batman toy. Warner Brothers announced that Fisher Price is attracting DC super friends to younger audiences. Now even preschoolers can join in the fun of superheroes with toys made especially for them. Parents can introduce their children to some of the greatest superheroes of the universe with Super Friends of the Toy Line from Fisher Price Imaginext DS. This is a great way to bring parents to their children with characters they both love.

One of the most interesting ads is that we will see toys and based on the classic movie Batman 60s, including 6 digits “products. We hope to see some of our favorite characters like Batman, Robin, The Catwoman, The Riddler and The Joker. we will also see toys inspired by the 60s Funko, Mezco, NECA, Cryptozoic, Nolble Collection and Sideshow, to name a few. We are very pleased to see that Hot Wheels will bring a large-scale copy of the Batmobile from the 60s. In addition to Mattel, we will look at some of the largest toy companies that support the brand, such as Lego, Jakks Pacific, Jumbo Games and Molli toys. In particular, Lego construction kits have the new Batman DC Universe in their lineup.