In the present world money is the root to survival. But for that you need an exception talent and command over something. Music is what you are passionate about .This talent of yours can take you a long way and can help you in your survival in this world, i.e you can earn money. Well if you don’t know how to achieve it, here we are to help you with some common way to achieve your goal.There are a number of different ways to make money as a musician.

Start a YouTube Channel

You can earn money using YouTube. One of the way is to make videos of your song and upload it to YouTube.Another way to earn money on YouTube is by giving free video lessons like guitar lessons, dance lessons, etc. If you achieve enough traffic, then you can make quite an amount of money. In this way, your videos may become popular and someone might be interested in sponsoring your songs. Many successful musicians and even pop stars started on YouTube. You can also record the cover for many of the songs and upload it on your YouTube channel.


Record Your Own Songs

You can record your own song and then you can sell it to earn some money. You can sell it in the streets and can make enough money for yourself. You can also put your music on online streaming music platform, which lets people listen to free music or upgrade to paid subscriptions. Artists are paid for their songs. Moreover, artists are also paid even for free streaming of their tunes. You can also try to sell your CD in a local music store, if you have a good relation with the owner of the shop.

Playing at Events

Playing at many small events like bars, clubs, restaurants, etc. can earn you money. Small bars are always in need of small artists who can sing and play in their clubs. Thus, vacancies always arise. If you are good enough, you may be able to earn the spot. Small bars and restaurants might be some of the easier places to start, but events can pay better. Parties, small festivals and art fairs are other possible events where you might find work. Singing in church may also help.

Teach in Person

If you know how to play guitar, you can probably teach others. If you sing, you can give singing lessons. Many beginners are in search of personal trainers who can provide them personal training. Such teachings can help you earn a handsome amount. Further, you can open your own institute and start teaching a large number of students. It can help you earn a great monthly income.


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