There are lots of issues regarding copyright and legal implications of music and other creative properties. For physical properties such as land, gold or money one can easily know the owner of it and there is not much dispute in that case but still, there are many cases in those regards. So the case is much more complicated in case of music or any other virtual property. This property’s copyright can also be copied very easily and many times the original composer or artist might not get the correct credits for the work he has done. There are many instances wherein writers or composers have to take out their work from Youtube or any other popular websites just because they used 10 or 20 seconds of music that was not copyright clear and so the main artist made a legal claim. Copyright clear music is important so that your hit videos get to the public without any sort of complications.

There are several attorneys that specialize in the legal management of copyright content and one can take advice from their blogs to deal with the copyright matters. According to popular copyright attorneys such as Mark Levy, copyright laws for music industry are a lot complicated and one must know the differences in those rules pertaining to music or lyrics or any other recording work. For example, if you are looking to use a recording of a famous artist then you need not take permission from that artist to use the recording as it was entered into the public domain several years ago. On the contrary, you must obtain the permission to use the recording which was made recently within a span of 10-15 years.  Also if you are using a recording which is under the public domain it does not necessarily mean that the music or lyrics of that recording are also under public domain. So before making use of any aspects of the recording, you must properly verify all the details of it. If the music or lyrics are protected by copyright clearance law for music then necessary permissions must be sought.

Some people also ask the attorneys that are the copyright issues still valid if you are using a music track or video for personal use that they are not going to upload on any of the websites or share for any sort of commercial use. If you are going to use a video only for personal family purposes then you need not worry about copyright stuff, but if you are going to sell it to a client who might upload it on a website or use it commercially then it is best suited that you check out all the copyright matters and opt for copyright clear music for your video.